LSI is a sponsor of World Vitiligo Day – 25 June

World Vitiligo Day 2020 international headquarters continue its journey and move from Vietnam to Serbia, under the firm leadership of Prof. Ivana Binic.

Sadly, the tenth annual WVD celebrations will not go ahead, as planned.

Three months into the novel COVID-19 outbreak, countries around the world are grappling with the challenges of a full-blown global pandemic. Italy has fell off radar as a travel destination earlier this week, sweeping restrictions on public events have been imposed across Europe. Scientific models predict the peak of epidemic across Eastern Europe in May-June. This, of course, is a domino effect.

After carefully weighing the emerging facts and projections, the VRF Board and WVD 2020 President have made the difficult decision that this year’s World Vitiligo Day main celebrations in Serbia will be an online-only, virtual event.

WVD-2020 USA organizers are still evaluating the situation for how to outwit this virus.

In the coming weeks, we will tap into the innovative and agile spirit of our multi-talented community to explore virtual meeting options. We will share additional information with you very soon, and appreciate your patience as we work through the changes.

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