VITILSI is a new and innovative concept in the management of vitiligo.
For this reason it is patented. VITILSI features a topical gel exclusively based on standardized vegetal active ingredients. More precisely, this is a combination of two vegetal extracts, from Coleus forskohlii and Cassia alata.
These two active ingredients have been widely investigated and they are the object of numerous scientific reports. In particular their lack of toxicity was proven and VITILSI may be used with complete safety.
It was tested by famous dermatologists known as specialists in the management of vitiligo in order to assess its efficacy but also the absence of side effects when using it. VITILSI very often permits a complete or almost complete repigmentation in a short period of time (a few weeks).



How does VITILSI work ?

The activity and efficacy of VITILSI is based on the combination of both vegetal active ingredients afore mentioned.
First, Cassia alata extract was shown to be capable of stimulating the production of stem cells at the dermal epidermal level, and strongly favours their transformation to melanoblasts (precursors of melanocytes) and thereafter to melanocytes (cells responsible for the production of melanin, the skin pigment).
Secondly, in these favourable conditions where the growth of melanocytes is stimulated, Coleus forskholii extract stimulates the melanogenesis (physiological process of production of melanin) and leads to an important production of pigment which will repigment the white patches. This stimulating action of Coleus forskholii takes place at every level of melanogenesis and this is the reason for its high efficacy.



How to use VITILSI ?

VITILSI must be applied on the lesion(s) once a day, preferably in the morning, on the skin previously cleansed.
Application must be carefully limited to the lesion(s), as if it is applied on the border or on non lesional skin, this one will darken as per tanning.
The efficacy of VITILSI is higher when the application is accompanied by a slight daily sun exposure, for instance 10 minutes at 10am. The interval of time between application of VITILSI and sun exposure does not matter.
In case of cloudy weather, or absence of sun, simple exposure to visible light may also be useful.
In some cases, your dermatologist may recommend using VITILSI in combination with phototherapy, under strict supervision.
Once the repigmentation is considered as satisfactory, the applications of VITILSI can be interrupted, bust most probably the acquired pigmentation will vanish along time. In such case and at that time it is recommendable to start again daily applications of VITILSI.



Segmental Vitiligo in an 8-year-old child (recent occurrence, less than 6 months).

Segmental vitiligo in an 8-year-old child.

After 1 month of daily VITILSI application.

After 2 months of daily VITILSI application.